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PostgreSQL Performance Tuning (3 days)

This PostgreSQL training course focuses on teaching experienced PostgreSQL administrators to get the most from their PostgreSQL intallation. Students attending this course will learn how to recognize, diagnose, and performance tune high volume and/or very large PostgreSQL installations.

This PostgreSQL training course goes beyond simple performance tuning, and also teaches students how to scale their PostgreSQL installation using techniques such as replication, log shipping, and other similar techniques.

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PostgreSQL Performance Tuning Course Calendar (3 days)

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2 Include course and course materials only.
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Recommended Pre-requisites

Students attending this advanced PostgreSQL course should have attended our PostgreSQL Administration class and/or have equivalent PostgreSQL Administration experience.

In addition, students should understand and be comfortable with working in the Linux environment, including managing files, compiling software, and writing/using basic shell scripts

Course Outline/Agenda

This advanced PostgreSQL training course covers the following topics:

  • PostgreSQL best practices
  • PostgreSQL table inheritance (including PostgreSQL 8.2 inheritance)
  • Table constraints & constraint exclusion
  • Using PostgreSQL's rule system.
  • Table partitioning
  • PostgreSQL Large Object (LOB) support
  • The Oversized Attribute Storage Technique
    • Managing TOAST in PostgreSQL
  • PostgreSQL Tablespace and database management
  • Server activity monitoring
    • Monitoring PostgreSQL activity from the operating system
    • Using PostgreSQL's statistics collector
    • Using the pg_stat* views
    • Viewing PostgreSQL table & system locks
  • Server monitoring & Performance tuning
    • Understanding PostgreSQL's BGWriter & Shared Buffers
    • Tuning PostgreSQL sort memory
    • Checkpoints & Performance
    • WAL Segment tuning
    • Query Optimization Parameters
    • PostgreSQL Disk performance tuning
  • Using the PostgreSQL Query Optimizer
  • Tuning the PostgreSQL query planner
    • Query optimizer parameter
    • Viewing alternate query plans
    • Gathering performance statistics
    • Disk performance tuning
  • Using PostgreSQL Contrib modules
    • Installing & Using Auto-explain
    • Using pg_top
    • Using pg_stat_statements
    • Statistics gathering tools
    • Tuning the Auto-Vaccum daemon (AVD)
    • Optimizing the OS for PostgreSQL
      • File system optimizations
      • Benchmarking with pg_bench
    • Deploying Warm Standby/Log Shipping (PostgreSQL 8.2 feature)
    • Deploying Hot Standby/Streaming Replication (PostgreSQL 9.0 feature)
    • Implementing PostgreSQL Query & Data Caching
      • Application scaling through data caching
      • Cache case studies
      • Installing PostgreSQL Cache components
      • Using PostgreSQL Cache functions
      • Configuring Cache servers
      • Using LISTEN/NOTIFY for event triggering
    • Improving network performance with pgBouncer
    • Implementing replication with Slony-I

    Class Size

    This class is limited to a maximum of 12 students.

    On-Site Delivery

    This course is available for on-site delivery for groups of 3 or more students.

    OTG offers discounted training for on-site courses of more than 3 students - call us at 877-258-8987 (or submit the form on the upper right side of this page) for more information.

    Course Details

    The Open Technology Group offers the world's most comprehensive set of PostgreSQL training, from basic user training all the way to advanced administrator training. Our PostgreSQL experts can customize courses to meet your needs at an affordable price using our vast library of PostgreSQL courseware.

    Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your technology team PostgreSQL experts!

    Instructional Materials
    The following materials are used to deliver this course:
    • PostgreSQL 2nd Edition
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