Instructor Led Training
OTG instructors have delivered training via a variety of methods, for over a decade. Our experience, and industry research, has shown that the most effective way of learning is instructor led learning. This is true for a number of reasons:

  • Students in a classroom are free from "interrupts" allowing them to focus on learning.
  • A comfortable and dedicated learning environment helps to improve information retention.
  • Classroom learning environments provide students with the ability to learn from the questions and mistakes of their peers.
  • Classes led by qualified instructors ensure that questions can be answered in an efficient and timely manner, even those outside the scope of the course.
  • The ability to have questions answered on an ad-hoc basis aids in student immersion and ensures student involvement.

Guaranteed to Run Courses
You're the customer, your time is valuable. That's why we're slowly rolling out "Guaranteed to Run" (GTR) courses. Our GTR courses will run, regardless of enrollment. Why? We want you to be able to plan your time effectively, and not spend time worrying about "contingencies" for courses that are cancelled.

Overqualified instructors
OTG's instructors are trained and experienced. They have received additional training in delivering our courses and our methodologies. Their experience allows them to bring "real world" scenarios to the classroom, often these scenarios are presented based on concepts drawn from student questions. We firmly believe that the best way to answer a students question, especially when it comes to best practices, is by illustrating examples.

We work hard to identify instructors that have the right temperament to instruct, and the ability to clearly convey information to students. These instructors also have vast amounts of experience - real world knowledge they bring to the classroom. There's no doubt that our instructors are over-qualified to instruct - that's what makes them the best qualified instructors around.

Structured Learning
Our instructors have developed and delivered courses for over a decade... we've seen what others have done wrong, and learning from both our mistakes and theirs. One of the most common problems with instructor led training is spotty coverage. This occurs when an instructor is teaching from a book, or from memory alone. Subjects can be glossed over, or skipped entirely! That's why OTG's developed our Structured Learning program.

Our Structured Learning courses are designed to provide structure and rigidity to courses, in short, they ensure that all the material that should be delivered *is* delivered. In fact, our Structured Learning courses go farther than that : they often cover material that is pertinent to a topic, but not covered in the normal class syllabus. Why?

  • Structured Learning ensures that students learn what they set out to learn, and they learn what they need to learn.
  • Structured Learning ensures that topics are covered in a clear manner, with the appropriate depth.
  • Structured Learning courseware is constantly updated, and custom printed for each course. That means that it often contains information that is more up-to-date than normal books or study guides.
  • Structured Learning courseware contains all slides/presentations used in the classroom. That means that students need not write down notes, but can simply annotate their course guide... allowing them to focus on the instructor and material.

Our Structured Learning materials are developed by our Subject Matter Experts, to ensure that they are accurate and complete. While not all of our courses currently use this methodology, we are steadily introducing Structured Learning to all of our courses.

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