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Deploying HA PostgreSQL Solutions (4 days)

Need 24/7 availability of your PostgreSQL clusters? Then this is the course for you! This course teaches PostgreSQL administrators how to design and deploy highly available PostgreSQL solutions. Students in this course will learn how to combine and apply technologies such as Slony-I replication, PgPool connection pooling, Distributed Replicated Block Devices, Common Address Redundancy Protocol, to deploy PostgreSQL solutions that perform well, yet provide full data redundancy.

This course will also teach you how to leverage advanced features of PostgreSQL 9.0 to deploy High Availability solutions that leverage Hot Standby and Streaming Replication

In this course, students will, through a combination of lecture and exercise (about 50% of each), configure, deploy, and test, a wide range of different PostgreSQL HA configurations.

Deploying HA PostgreSQL Solutions Course Calendar (4 days)

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Recommended Pre-requisites

Students attending this course should be familiar with the Linux operating system, and should have basic Linux administration skills (compiling software from source, copying files, editing files, file system administration, etc.). Additionally, students should have attended our PostgreSQL Administration training course (or have equivalent experience).

Course Outline/Agenda

Students attending this PostgreSQL High Availability course will learn the following:
  • Understanding PostgreSQL's underlying data storage architecture.
  • Understand hardware and software requirements for high-availability deployments
  • Deploying Distributed Replicated Block Devices & Warm Standby
    • DRBD Overview
    • Installing & Managing DRBD kernel components
    • Modifying drbd.conf
    • Initializing partitions for DRBD
    • Relocating pg_xlog for DRBD
    • Using pg_standby for Warm Standby
    • Creating pg_standby follow-on scripts
    • Managing cluster switchovers
    • Configuring PostgreSQL for a switch-back
    • Handling switch-back events
    • Understanding DRBD costs & limitations
  • Understanding the Linux Heartbeat v2 toolset
    • Heartbeat overview
    • Heartbeat concepts and components
      • The Cluster Information Base (CIB)
      • The Cluster Resource Manager (CRM)
      • The CRM Policy Engine
      • The Local Resource Manager (LRM)
      • The Stonith Daemon
    • Hearbeat hardware requirements
    • Logging and testing
  • Combining DRBD & Heartbeat
    • Understanding DRBD & Hearbeat Advantages
    • Configuring Hearbeat fail-over scripts
    • Techniques to avoid false-positives
    • Performing switchovers
    • Performing switch-backs
    • Testing & Implementing DRDB & Hearbeat combined solutions
  • Understanding Common Address Redundancy Protocol (CARP)
    • Benefits & Drawbacks of CARP
    • Configuring CARP
    • CARP & DRBD Solutions
    • Testing & Implementing DRBD & CARP solutions
  • Understanding pgpool & master/slave mode
    • Configuring pgpool for master/slave mode.
    • Performing pgpool scheduled switchovers
  • Configuring Slony-I replication
    • Basic Slony-I replication
    • Understanding Slony-I drawbacks and limitations
    • Implementing DDL changes with Slony-I
    • Implementing master switches with Slony-I
    • Combining Slony-I with pgpool master/slave mode
    • HA Slony-I masters with DRDB & Hearbeat

Class Size

This class is limited to a maximum of 12 students.

On-Site Delivery

This course is available for on-site delivery for groups of 3 or more students.

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Instructional Materials
The following materials are used to deliver this course:
  • OTG Course Guide
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